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Saturday, 1 October 2011


During a performance a few nights ago in Miami Beach, Florida, Mos Def called on BET to pay proper tribute to Troy Davis at the 2011 BET Awards, taking place this weekend in Atlanta , Georgia. The rapper , who recently announced a forthcoming name change to Yasiin , urged the network to show respect to Davis. “ The BET Awards are happenin’ in Atlanta , Georgia, apparently this weekend on Saturday, right? I ’m making a strong, serious recommendation and suggestion , in the interest of humanity and the rights of human beings all over God ’s spaceship, Earth, ” he said. “ If you are doing or hosting this event in Atlanta, Georgia, right after this young man, Troy Davis , was brutally murdered in public for the whole world to see, you should definitely dedicate one part of your show . ” He specifically spoke to what BET should do to justly honor him, explaining that organizers have a responsibility to make his story heard . “If it ’s the opening , the beginning , the middle, or the end … Bring his mama out there , show her your support and show her some words of comfort and encouragement,” he said. “This is not the moment for your silence , BET! Or anybody else! And that goes to every peep from Oprah to Obama : When you get a free moment , call Troy Davis mama!”

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